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A teraz sprawdź, na jaki poziom kwalifikują cię Twoje umiejętności.

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Polityka prywatności

1. five

2. pencil

3. ball

4. a big dog

5. eyes

6. I’ve got a long tail.

7. socks

8. I can’t ride a bike.

9. bedroom

10. I like ice cream

11. eighteen

12. These are kites.

13. lamp

14. They’re eating fruit.

15. juice

16. It can swim and jump.

17. badminton

18. There is a shop between the hospital and café.

19. grandparents

20. She’s getting dressed.

21. fifty

22. He works on a farm.

23. backache

24. He’s very strong.

25. snow


























1. I usually get up at 6 a.m. but not .......

2. I don’t have ...... money with me..

3. My school is ...... than my sister’s.

4. Ten-year-old students ...... to university.

5. Where ...... to school?

6. Alejandro can ...... English very well.

7. Sarah sings beautifully - I think she ...... a famous singer when she’s older.

8. Katy ...... her mum in the kitchen now.

9. Tom ...... late for school every day last week

10. Mum ...... any bread yesterday.

11. The train ...... ten minutes ago.

12. I ...... see Henry tomorrow.

13. Where ...... on your holiday last year?

14. ...... the football on TV yesterday?

15. Who ...... to when I saw you yesterday?

16. ...... swimming every Saturday?

17. I was having dinner when you .......

18. When I woke up the sun .......

19. If Sara does well at school she ...... to university next year.

20. ...... ever travel to the Moon, do you think?

21. Why ...... to England next month?

22. I ...... Star Wars.

23. ...... your keys?

24. The TV show ...... an hour ago.

25. You ...... eat a lot of sweets - they’re not good for you.

26. Tom ...... his homework yet.

27. You ...... use the lift when there is a fire alarm.

28. Dan hasn’t spoken to me ...... he got home.

29. This is the most interesting book I .......

30. My brother ...... hasn’t learnt to ride a bike.

31. If I knew the answer, I ......, you.

32. If you ...... me, what would you do in this situation?

33. This building ...... very well, I think.

34. My sister’s having ...... problems with her computer.

35. Milly and Richard ...... probably be tired after their long journey.

36. If I see Jack tomorrow, I ...... him to my party.

37. My family ...... in Rio, but we moved to Sao Paulo when I was five.

38. My cousin Max ...... since he was only three years old.

39. I ...... to a table tennis club but I don’t anymore.

40. My grandfather ...... Australia when he made the decision to move there.

41. I’ll go to Jack’s house tomorrow unless he ...... me not to.

42. Emma ...... here for nearly two years now.

Read the text and answer the questions.

My name is Ana Sanchez. I hope you enjoy my blog. Let me tell you a little about myself. I come from Colombia, so my first language is Spanish and I also speak some Portuguese and some English. My favourite classes at school are History and Geography. At the weekend I go to a sports club near our flat where I play a lot of sports, especially tennis and swimming.

I live with my family in Bogota. Most years we stay in Colombia during the summer break. I like that because we have great beaches here. But last summer we went to Florida. That was the best trip ever! There were lots of great things to do there. My little brother loved this place where you could see sharks and other sea animals. I thought it was awesome too but my favourite thing was watching some amazing Japanese drummers performing. Even Dad said he’d never seen anything like that before.

Mum said she enjoyed visiting the Space Center most. While we were having fun in the U.S., my grandma stayed in our flat to take care of my cat, so I really wanted to get her a special gift. I got her a nice scarf which is a really pretty shade of purple. It was made by a local fashion designer and it’s beautiful.

In a few days I’ll be starting my last year of Secondary School. After that, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I’d like to go to college but I’m not sure if I want to study business or law. My cousin has been studying law for the last two years and she thinks I should join her, but it sounds like a lot of hard work. So I think I’ll probably go with my other idea.

Anyway, that’s enough about me! But please send me ideas to improve my blog. This is the first time I’ve ever written anything like this.

Write a short answer to each question.

1 Does Ana know who she is writing to?


2 Which language does Ana speak best?


3 When does Ana go swimming?


4 Where does Ana usually spend her school holidays?


5 What did Ana especially enjoy on her last summer holiday?


6 Why did Ana want to get her grandma a nice present?


7 Where was the present which she bought produced?


8 Where will Ana be next week?


9 What subject is Ana probably going to do after leaving school?


10 Why does Ana ask for feedback from her readers?


What does Paolo say to Elena? Choose from the list A–J.

There are two options that you do not need to use.

A Here you are.

B Absolutely!

C OK, I’ll take them.

D Can you do me a favour, Elena?

E I’m really sorry.

F But shall we have some food first and then go shopping after that?

G What can I get you, Elena?

H I don’t think so.

I Well, never mind.

J Do you know which shops sell nice ones?

[On a street in town]

Paolo: Hi Elena. Nice to see you. What are you doing in town today?

Elena: I need some new shoes. What about you, Paolo?

Paolo: I want to get a present for my sister’s birthday.


Elena: Of course. How can I help?

Paolo: I’d like to get her some earrings. ............

Elena: I certainly do. Come with me and I’ll help you choose. I think long ones are best. Do you agree?

Paolo: ............ And I know she prefers them too.

Elena: Good. And silver ones are much nicer than gold ones.

Paolo: Mmm, ............ I like gold ones.

Elena: Well let’s go in this shop and see what they’ve got.

Paolo: OK. ............

Elena: Good idea.

[In a cafe]

Paolo: ............

Elena: A sandwich and a lemonade, please...

Paolo: ............

Ekeba: Thanks. Oh, but this is a beef sandwich. I don’t eat meat.

Paolo: ............. I completely forgot.

Elena: It’s OK. You have it - I’m fine with just lemonade.


Two points for each sentence. Deduct half a point for each error in a sentence.

Four or more errors = 0 for that sentence.

You will hear each sentence three times.

Played: 0/3 times
Played: 0/3 times
Played: 0/3 times
Played: 0/3 times
Played: 0/3 times


You will hear each recording twice.

A Listen to a teacher telling his class about American president Abraham Lincoln and

complete the notes. Write one word or a number for each note.

Played: 0/2 times
Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of the United States
Year of birth:
Place of birth: , Kentucky
Childhood home was: very
Learned by: as much as possible

B Listen to two students talking and answer the questions. Write no more than four words for each answer.

Played: 0/2 times
Which class did they both enjoy?
Where is the girl going to go now?
What does the boy want the girl’s advice about?
What time is the boy going to call the girl?
What does the girl want to buy tomorrow?

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